Journalists injured and set fire on media outlet. Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 February 2012


Maldives Journalist Association (MJA) strongly condemns the violent tattacks to journalists and enter the private TV station VTV, destroying its equipments and putting fire on the station. MJA learned that this attack was made by a group of people who went into the station when the station was broadcasting live footages of last night clashes between ruling MDP and opposition.

Many journalists, some with seriously injured last night while covering the protest which turns into confrontation. The both (MDP and opposition) protest was taken place in a same ground facing each other while police was controlling the middle with a boundry. After a while military came into the scene and forced police to leave the ground. Later journalists observed that, military too left the scene and that lead the clashes between.

After a while military again came into the scene and started arrensting protesters violently, when the police came in again.

The journalists who got injured was the journalists who was covering the event, while protesters throwing stones and other objects in the confrontation.

MJA calls on relevent institutions to investigate this matter and take immediate actions agaist those who are responsible. Also MJA calls on the Government to assure safety of the media and do take necessary precautions to protect journalists and media institutions immediately. Also we call on international community to urge Maldives Goverment to ensure the safety of the media.



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